Saturday, May 5, 2012

Matthew's Graduation

Yes we are very proud parents! Matthew graduated today from Utah State University. He majored in mechanical engineering with an emphasis in aerospace.
Matthew seems to have a certain criteria in his friend selection. Just about all of his friends names are Aaron. We finally were able to meet two of them this year. (Pictured above with Matthew is one of them.)
The three of them took a class building a rocket. He and his class mates took their rocket to Huntsville Alabama for a contest sponsered by NASA. Their rocket so far has won Best Overall Design with an emphasis on the safety. Matthew just happened to be in charge of the safety portion of the rocket.
The rocket above is the first rocket that Matthew actually built himself. This rocket was used for Matthew's qualifaction. He had to take a test and shoot off this rocket so that he could be the safety officer.
This is the rocket that they flew in Hunstville. Pictured is Aaron, Matthew and Dan.
This is what was left of the first rocket they were hoping to use in the competition. As you can see, there wasn't much left of their 7 1/2 foot rocket. They had to rebuild.

Below is the actual graduation. The two guys that received their diploma before Matthew are the two Aarons. Yep I'm not surprised they were together.

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